Canola Seed Size impact on seeding rate

April 17, 2015



Be sure to check your seed size for your canola seed.  Seeing some very large TKW numbers which unfortunately means you need to seed more lb/ac.


Have an example of 5.25 gm/1000 kernels which is actually fairly large seed on the scale for canola. So unfortunately increases cost.  Should be sold on seeds/bag.


So plant stand target is 7-14 plants per sq ft of established plants.  So that is 304 920 to 609 840 plants per acre.  Estimate 40% loss on emergence need to drop 508 200 to 1 016 400 seeds/ac.  40% is actually a success and would represent optimum seeding conditions.  Losses are often higher.


Using a real target of 10 plants per sq ft.  Need to seed 726 000 seed per acre.  8.4 lb/ac for this target and seed size.  I have attached an article with charts to demonstrate the relationship.

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