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Crop Update May 6

Wheat: The interns have been moving through the wheat this week. They are on target to be through all the wheat by the weekend so if you haven’t seen scout reports by Monday, they will be coming shortly (or check your junk mail folders). Be sure to let us know if we missed any fields. The early planted wheat is at first node now while the majority of the crop is just approaching first node. First pass and full applications of nitrogen/sulphur are all on now. A good rain would help with wheat uptake. I don't think this crop has had the full benefit of the nitrogen applications as of yet. For those using a second pass of nitrogen/sulphur the timing is between second node and flag leaf-so some time between the 13th and the 23rd. Nutrient deficiencies are starting to show this week along with annual weeds. A significant warm rain would eliminate the Manganese deficiency we are seeing but without that, fields may need a Manganese treatment. Many fields that had Eragon in the fall are quite clean and will likely not require herbicide applications as the canopy is filling in quickly. Use caution spraying herbicides when cold night time temperatures are anticipated. The cool temperatures have delayed disease development in our region, which is beneficial considering how thick most of the canopies are but we are still seeing diseases like septoria and powdery mildew already and fields should be getting a fungicide regardless of whether or not there is a herbicide going down. Rust has been confirmed in wheat near London this week. Barricade M (DuPont) & Pixxaro (Dow) are two relatively new wheat herbicides we have seen good results with, if the wheat does not have red clover in it. These products provide stronger control of perennials and fall annuals.

Corn: Corn planting has begun across many territories. There has been many comments of clay soils being slow to dry up. I expect planting to be at full speed by this weekend. It is estimated that approximately half of Ontario's corn has been planted to date. Be sure to send us your planting dates. That will help us to prioritize scouting and monitor emergence. Reminder to keep your planting logs up to date for your neonic treated corn and soybean seed.

Soybeans: I have heard of a few soybean fields planted in various regions. Remember to seed as early as possible for maximum yield. Prioritize seeding treated seeds first for increased durability if those seeds are going to be sitting in cooler soils for longer periods of time. Also remember to adjust seeding rates accordingly for fields with history of white mould. For those planting RR soybeans be sure to assess your weed pressure ahead of planting. Resistant fleabane is a reality and must be dealt with prior to soybean emergence. If you are unsure if fleabane is a problem in your fields, give us a call or send us a phone picture.

Spring Canola: Most canola fields have been planted. We will be placing swede midge traps in the fields again this year so if you can send your planting dates for these fields that would be very helpful.

Sp Grains: Most seeding of spring grains is complete. Earliest fields are beginning to emerge.

New Office: We are now officially located at 66 Main St in Dundalk. If you are coming through town, drop by and say hi. Note the mailing address remains the same at 125549 Southgate Rd 12, RR2 Dundalk.

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