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Crop Update

Staff Update

Steph is leaving Agronomy Advantage Inc. to take on a new employment adventure. I wish her well and appreciate all her hard work over the past few years. I will be bringing in a replacement agronomist to fill the void but in the mean time call me if you need anything.

Corn/Western Bean Cutworm/Disease

We are currently scouting the corn to assess the level of Western Bean Cutworm and disease pressure present. So far, the only zone needing attention is South Wellington/Dufferin, Halton Region and a few pockets in North Grey. And it is mostly the sandier soil types. The WBC traps across the region indicate we are just approaching peak moth flight and since the corn is later tasselling this year most areas are still at risk. Typically, the later developing fields are most at risk. We are also encountering moderate pressure of common rust in the corn with the continued wet weather. A fungicide application is well worth considering in the corn this year.

To see the provincial trap network and for more info on Western Bean Cutworm check out

Wheat harvest Update

Not much to report as of yet. A few fields have been started around the perimeter of the geography. Reports are strong test weights, low fusarium and above average yields to kick off the harvest. Hopefully that continues for most.


We will be rolling back through to scout the soybeans next week. There are a few soy aphids around but nothing concerning. With the cool, wet weather I am most concerned about white mould risk. Fields to prioritize for a preventative white mould spray include soys after soys, previous history of white mould, and thick lush canopies. This year is very similar to 2014 weather wise and a lot of soybeans in a 3 year rotation are back in those same fields again this year. For high risk farms Allegro is your best option with possibly a follow-up application. For moderate risk farms Stratego Pro, Acapela, or Priaxor will work well for suppression. You can’t go wrong protecting your best beans.


Deb Campbell CCA-ON, 4R NMS

Agronomy Advantage Inc.


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