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Farm Digital Strategy Development and Support

We assist our customers in the implementation and management of their digital agricultural tools in order to maximize their profitability.  We utilize soil maps, yield maps, NDVI Imagery, SWAT maps and other tools to optimize crop inputs by zone with the goal of maximizing the profitability of each acre.

SWAT Mapping:

SWAT (which stands for Soil, Water and Topography) maps use electrical conductivity data to develop variable rate zones within the field.  This tool and data can be used along with topographical maps and historical yield maps to create customized zones within your field to optimize inputs and profits.

Precision Ag Support:

We offer in-house expertise with precision Ag technology and interpretation of the data to provide advice on customized seed and fertilizer scripts for each management zone.

Drone Capabilities:

HD video/pictures, mapping to quantify problem areas, and NDVI mapping.  This tool is very useful to see pattern in crops and tile layouts as well to build zones to manage crops differently across a farm.

Data Management:

Field history is collected and accumulated in a customized database. For example, crop rotation, problem weeds, spray history. This data is used to improve crop planning and in-field scouting. A mobile platform is used to provide maximum utility and access.

Weather Stations:

Weather stations are a valuable tool throughout the season for determining in-field applications.  Weather data available includes wind speed and direction , temperature, precipitation and growing degree days.  Current and historic data can be seen through the convenient app.  Both Wifi and cellular data compatible stations are available.  

Agronomy Services

Crop Planning:

We work closely with clients to understand their cropping goals, both short term and long term. A detailed crop plan is developed which includes fertility, crop protection, seed selection, seeding rates and more. These plans are grower specific, customized to their individual farm business. Particular attention is given to optimizing side-by-side trials.

Pod cluster of soybeans


Seasonal soil sampling is completed every three years or as needed for troubleshooting. When reports are organized and recieved from the lab, we discuss them in detail with all clients to ensure long term fertility management. We provide zone or grid sampling. Manure analysis and tissue testing is also offered.

Support with Government Funding Applications:

We provide support to clients in the development of various funding applications (such as CAP, LEADS, etc.), reducing your paperwork and increasing the chance of receiving the funding.

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